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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

CWG named Dep. Leader of Green Party of Canada

Tues. Nov 21/06

Today was a momentous one in my life. I had the honor of being named, by one of my heroes, Green Party leader Elizabeth May, as one of her two Deputy Leaders.

Just as the cameras were about to roll for the announcement, a colleague turned to me and said, I presume half jokingly, "Prepare to step into history".

Now while I make no presumptions about my own place in history, I am keenly aware of Elizabeth's ability to make history here in the London, Ontario by-election. Were she to win, and by all accounts her odds are extremely favorable, on top of being the first Green member of Parliament, she could not be denied her place in the Leader's debate and history would, unalterably, change.

Every night we attend her debates and every night we see how she simply floors the competition. Best of all, she does so with a broad smile, twinkling eyes and a casual unaffected manner that simply leaves the other candidates disarmed, bewildered, and scrambling for platitudes.

As aware Canadians may recall, the last leader's debate had almost no mention of the first civilization scale emergency we as a species have ever faced: Global Climate Change.

Now, just a few months later, the number one issue for Canadians, according to polls is the environment. "prepare to step into history" indeed.


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