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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Regeneration the tv show now in production

After three years of shopping this timely and important show, the enlightened folks at PBS affiliate Vermont Public Television decided to finance two half hour pilot episodes.

I thought it would be a good idea to begin blogging my experiences as I am meeting such great characters along the way.

So far we have shot a segment with radical family farmer Doug Flack who is a huge proponent of Raw Milk and traditional fats !
This is important nutritional information that goes decidedly against the grain ( and literally so as he is dead set against feeding his cows any grain if it can be avoided).

One of his interns is s story in his own right. Richard Morris was 300lb computer programmer from Chicago and found his way to the "Fat" family farm where a regimen of good fats and good work transformed him inside and out. Today he runs a superb web site that is "CELEBRATING REAL FOOD, INDEPENDENT THINKING AND LIVING A LIFE UNBURDENED". Check it out:

And for a better, not to say radical understanding of traditional foods and their incredible health benefits, check out

We've also shot a segment on 7th Generation - the folks who bring you those natural household products. They were in the midst of a workshop with Biomimicry expert Janine Benyus

The way I opened the segment is " Regenerative thinking means not only working with, but learning from nature. Business increasingly is looking to unlock nature's design secrets- How she manufactures, packages, distributes... And 7th generation household products in Burlington is wondering - How will the house of tomorrow clean itself?"

It's fascinating, exciting and so encouraging to think that we can move from the centuries old paradigm of Take, Make, Waste and Heat, Beat, Treat to one that works with nature to create processes that are not only benign, but beneficial to nature.

Ok. That's my first ever blog ! Let's see what happens from here..... I still can't believe this will reach anyone's eyes and I have no idea how to get it there, but I'm now in the game and hope to keep you all abreast of my show's developments.

Best Regards,

Claude William Genest

- Founder Green Mountain Permaculture Institute of Vermont
Solutions, Sustenance, Sustainability

- Creator "Regeneration - The Art of Sustainable Living"
From "Something-Must-be-Done" to Something we can do !

- Ecological Coordinator
Club St.Paul Ecological Golf Course

- Vice-President Green Party of Quebec "pour nous et nos enfants"

- National Spokesperson Green Party of Canada
"The Future is Now ! "


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